GPS for Jesus

By Rev. Kim Dorr :: I was watching the news this morning and they had a story called “GPS for Jesus” so, of course, I pricked up my ears. The news anchor announced that new technology is being used to help people FIND Jesus. (Now I’m really listening…) Turns out that at this time of year, when many crèche scenes are on display publicly, there is a lot of “baby Jesus snatching” – yep, wise guys and pranksters who steal the baby Jesus out of the manger scenes. So, a security company a year or so ago approached a few churches who own such manger scenes to see if they wanted to start utilizing GPS systems to locate the stolen Savior. A couple of churches signed on, attached a GPS locater to the baby, and when the Christ child was stolen, it was recovered almost immediately.

Hmmmm…there’s a sermon illustration in here somewhere…

And perhaps a joke: “What are you in for?” “I stole baby Jesus. You?”.

Illustrations and joking aside, my prayer for us is that our hearts, minds, bodies and souls will so reflect the presence of the Christ child, alive in us, that GPS systems everywhere will go crazy with all the “pings” locating Jesus. May He live and reign in us…

Merry Christmas!

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