Legacy or Preamble

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: As we enter another new year I had the bittersweet experience of helping someone plan out their funeral. He is a wonderful man who is in the last stages of cancer. Looking back at his life he was reflecting on what kind of legacy he was leaving. Will he be remembered? Will the good he planted grow and bless others? Will his family be taken care of and will they remember him with fondness? What was all the struggles, joys, sorrows, and successes all about?

It’s interesting to me that the New Testament doesn’t have a lot to say about the legacy we leave behind. The reason is that it’s so “forward” looking.  True it speaks about the witness and “good deeds” about what we do in the everyday life of living in Los Angeles.  But it repetitively speaks of how these “good deeds” follow us.

This whole journey of life is seen not as the end in itself, but simply the “preamble” of what lies ahead. This is not about “earning heaven” but about the kind of chapter we’re writing for our futures. For a Word from God that speaks comfort about the eternity in front of us, the bible is oddly sketchy on just what the details are like in glory.  I think it’s because our language and experiences are so shallow and inadequate compared to the sheer “weight of glory” we’re being prepared for. It’s like trying to explain the joy of marriage to a toddler. You have to say it’s simply better than ice cream. So too God uses hints and images of the wonder waiting. But we don’t have the language or minds to fully grasp the life that is being prepared for us.

We know there will be a richness of love, joy, and peace we have never experienced here yet. As I head into this New Year with all its promise and challenges, I want to write the best chapter of my walk with Christ yet. I pray for all of us we see the Living God write a message of power in our lives.