Never too late

by Rev. Kim Dorr :: I had the honor today of baptizing two beautiful women, one 88 years old and the other, her sister, a sprightly 83 year old. Accompanied with an elder of our church and another staff member, we traveled to their home.  The older of the two sisters, let’s call her Sarah, had limited mobility and not much ability to speak. Her sister did most of the talking for them both.  Together, we prayed and asked God to set aside their living room and create a holy space. We asked Him to set aside the common tap water for a holy purpose in His hand.  As I asked the question, “Do you profess your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?” the heartiest “YES!” came from Sarah’s lips and then she started to cry…tears streaming down her cheeks.  Her sister gently said to us, “We’ve always wanted to be baptized…we just never did it until now.”

What a beautiful moment in the life of these women and in the life of this church!  I wondered if they had spent years thinking “we’ll get to it” or “now’s not a good time.”  I wondered if either of them had the thought “perhaps it’s too late?”

I found myself musing in the hours after meeting these dear ladies on things that I have put off in my own life, windows that have opened only to shut, invitations from God that I left unopened.  I found myself so uplifted in the knowledge that with God the words “too late” rarely, if ever, apply.  The promises of God don’t have an expiration date. He waits for us with such patience and whenever we finally come to HIm, in whatever it might be, He delights that we are there. There is no chastisement for years gone by, no hurried “Where have you been?” – just unbridled joy and celebration over you and over me.

What a blessed part of ministry, to share God’s celebration with these two sisters today. I hope that you too will be encouraged through having them in our community of faith…two radiant faces of children of God that speak the words “It’s never too late!”