The Generous Life

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: I had a fascinating conversation the other day with one of our members who is a researcher for one of the big pharmaceutical companies. The whole question was about the great new advances in biochemistry and how they help people who struggle with anxiety and depression. He wanted to know where does the spirit of a person intersect with their brain?

That’s a pretty profound question. What the scriptures teach us is that what’s good for one dimension of our lives spills over into the others. When we are good stewards of our physical bodies, then we have the energy and ,where with all, to respond to life. Similarly,  when our hearts are at peace with God and others we make decisions out of love for them and not some neurotic need to be approved by the crowd. The result is a  healthy sane paced life.

But what was curious is that no matter how good we get at medicating these beat up old bodies, nothing brings joy like love. And nothing brings love like a generous heart. When our happiness is connected to other’s happiness (and it is profoundly) then the life of sharing and giving to others is a natural response. The opposite is either giving money or time or talent to try and ‘buy’ our acceptance from God or others. When we realize how we are already the object of God’s intense love the only response is to share the ‘wealth’ of love with others. God really is smart. Well, I have to go…I need an Advil because of thinking too much!