To Seek and to Save…

by Rev. Kim Dorr :: To Seek and to Save…the lost. Something struck me the other day as I was watching the news – a story about a missing child. I watched the story covered by all the major news networks showing hundreds of volunteers scouring a certain location, searching … Continue reading

2009 SE

by Glenn Reph :: During Lent we may prayerfully consider giving up something dear or pleasurable to us.  May I suggest an item for you to consider. This item is special. I refer to something we secretly enjoy, making it a little more difficult to release; we do not let go easily.This special item ubiquitously permeates … Continue reading

Slowing Down

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: It is fascinating to me that the first thing God sanctified was not a place…but time. The Sabbath. God knew we had to have time to rest, or we could not become Holy. “therefore the Lord sanctified the Sabbath for on the seventh day God … Continue reading