Early Spring Cleaning

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: I was interviewing Dr. Henry Cloud the other day and he said something so helpful. He said just like ‘cleaning out the junk’ we accumulate over the years from our closets, we often accumulate things in our relational lives. The two things we collect as … Continue reading

Pinocchio and Politicans

by Rev. Kim Dorr :: I was watching the news this morning with a story on Roland Burress being sworn in as a United States Senator. Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, said something that struck me as interesting in light of my recent thoughts on people becoming idols. Speaking of U.S. … Continue reading

American Idols

by Rev. Kim Dorr :: Early in my faith life a friend told me, “If there is anything that God is committed to, it’s kicking over idols.” Of course, God’s commitment is to making sure his children don’t walk in darkness, so kicking over idols is part of that Fatherly … Continue reading