God’s Will

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: “and Abraham went out not knowing where he was to go…” Abraham didn’t know where he was going exactly, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted to be in God’s will. I can really relate to the emotional mixer Abraham must have felt as … Continue reading

Building a Better Boat

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: I was reading the other day of an ancient parable. A man found himself shipwrecked on a desolate island. As he staggered ashore, he was met by a group of natives. Thinking he may be killed he was shocked when they told him what a … Continue reading

The Lord Rewards Faith

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: “After this Jesus showed himself alive by many proofs…” One of the great mysteries this time of year is the fact that the Risen Christ showed himself alive for forty days in fabulous ways. He walked with his disciples, he ate and drank with them, … Continue reading

The Eyes of Faith

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: “For we see through this veil of tears…”   As Paul was experiencing one of the toughest chapters in his life, he reminded his beloved church at Corinth that their trials often blind them to the good God is doing. I’m told that military camouflage works … Continue reading

A Way Forward

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: For the last five years I have been working with many fellow Presbyterians trying to find a way to create a new way of living together with people we disagree with over essentials of the faith. I’ve never liked labels, but they do “locate” someone … Continue reading

Legacy or Preamble

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: As we enter another new year I had the bittersweet experience of helping someone plan out their funeral. He is a wonderful man who is in the last stages of cancer. Looking back at his life he was reflecting on what kind of legacy he … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Amidst Tears

by Dr. Mark Brewer :: Like many pastors, sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the sorrow people experience. I love my calling, but it is true you rarely have people say “hey something great just happened…I think I’ll call the pastor!” We usually get those late night calls when tragedy … Continue reading